Sunday, April 12, 2015

Girl Power: Bringing girls into STEM/STEAM

As a young girl, I was great a math. I loved solving problems. I loved creating. I loved building. I loved doing this in school.

In middle school, that changed. I no longer felt successful at math or science. Even though I was a couple of grade levels ahead, I did not feel as welcomed.

It wasn't until I set out as a high school English teacher that I knew why. I was one of many who was steered away from the STEM fields. I felt out of place. And, apparently, many more did do.

I don't regret studying English and the arts. but I do wish I had continued my love for STEM.

Now, as a co-organizer of EdTech Women - Austin, I'm trying to make up for that.

I'm currently working to help bring more exposure to girls in MakerSpaces and coding environments so I created a presentation so others could continue as well.

Feel free to copy and adapt for your own needs. Check out the full presentation here or on

Girl Power!

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