Thursday, April 23, 2015

Makers & libraries - New resources #makerspaces

Libraries are a hub of innovation and learning. At my campus, our library is the “spot.” So, what better spot for a makerspace to fit than a library, where innovation is already occurring. Check out and Making over your Library for more resources. Below are some programs around the nation that encourage teaching the whole child as well as design-based learning.


This program is based in NY and offers fellowships & programs. It “aims to create a pipeline of empowered community leaders from underutilized neighborhoods equipped with the 21st century skills necessary to launch careers or ventures spurring innovative projects in their communities.”
Austin, TX: The Acton Academy

This charter school began in Austin, TX, but you can apply to open a school anywhere. The school focuses on raising the whole child and design-based learning.

This TACKK was created by Colleen Graves and Leah Mann to help answer some critical questions regarding Makerspaces and implementing them in libraries. Both are awesome librarians!
Librarian Superstar: Colleen Graves

This librarian has an entire site dedicated to her exploration of makerspaces and the library. This page, in particular, contains many resources for getting started and a vision for what yours can look like.

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