Monday, April 6, 2015

Hacking Google Apps Series

I started this series a while ago to show the lesser known tricks you can do with Google Apps to improve your experience. And, better yet, most of these can be done by the beginning users. Check them out and share out some of your favorite tips and tricks to enhance Google Apps!

Google Apps are great by themselves. However, there are ways to integrate them that will send you soaring to the ceiling with enthusiasm. Try out these tricks to super-charge your Google Apps. Check out and Google Hacked for more tricks.


  1. Google Docs: Undo/Redo for easy formatting

2. Google Slides: Awesome Templates with Slides Carnival

3. Google Docs: Link to specific parts of a Google Document

4. Google Drive: Set Auto Expiration

This tip is from Amit Agarwal.
  1. Start by making a copy of this script into your Drive.
  2. Add the URL of your shared Google Drive folder or any Google Drive file in line #3 and put expiration date in line #7 (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format).
  3. From File menu, choose Project Properties & select your Timezone from the dropdown.
  4. From Run menu, choose Start & authorize the auto-expiry script to run at the specified time.
  5. Watch tutorial video here.
5. Google Drive Apps: Create transparent tables

Transparent Tables.gif
6. Google Drive Apps: Match fonts for easy design

Font Pairing.gif
7. Gmail: Manage subscriptions

Use your email address + a key word to sign up for subscriptions. Example: or After subscribing, create an email filter for each address so messages coming to that address are routed to corresponding labels in your inbox. See here for more details.

8. Gmail: Create Calendar event from Gmail

create event.gif