Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boolify Boolean Searches, App# 28--Boolify


(This is a great take on Boolean search strategies. It allows users to manipulate searches in a visual manner and, it filters results using Google's Safe Search.)

Synopsis: Boolify not only acts as a search engine, but it contains several lessons/videos on basic searching. Though the lessons are few in number and basic in quality, Boolify provides a Tools section that gives users access to This site has information literacy, data literacy, and math teaching tools. And, they are provided by the same company who created Boolify, The Public Learning Media Laboratory.
Searching with Boolify is simple, but it can be used for all ages as it helps teach the important concepts of Boolean searching. Boolify provides a help section that offers video tutorials as well.

To start a search, you must drag a search option into the "drawing board." Once you drag an option, it will prompt you to enter in the material. For instance, if you drag the search option of word, you will be prompted to enter a keyword or phrase. You have the choice of the following search options (designed as puzzle pieces that must link together in the drawing board): word, and, not, or, URL.

When you drag over a search option and enter in the prompted material, the search results will appear below the drawing board.

You have the option of starting the search over, removing one or more of the search options, saving the search, or viewing other saved searches. You can also click on the wheel next to search options and further specify your type of search from news to images, video, or Web. Additionally, you can change the search from strict to moderate.

Other features are outlined on the Boolify Help section:

Basic searching:

How to save:

More advanced searching:

Integration: With the saved search option, students can conduct searches and then save them for the next time they return to the assignment. Boolify provides a Web search curricula in their lessons section.This site is especially great for teaching 21st century literacy skills. With the wealth of resources available for teaching Boolean logic, Web searching, and information literacy, teachers cannot go wrong, no matter the age. And, with the manipulation feature unique to Boolify, it is great for a variety of learning styles. It forces students to use Boolean logic in their searches as they connect the puzzle pieces of search options. Check it out!

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  1. closed down, but as a public service you can still access the learning system on (just click on the boolify link)