Wednesday, March 21, 2012

e-Portfolios with a "Googlio" twist, App #24--Googlio and Digication

Digication (This is actually accessed through your Google Apps for Education account, however)

(Googlios is a site created by another Google Certified Teacher and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer. It is a play-on-words with ePortfolio and Google. It is based on the idea of a new Renaissance. Digication is an e-Portfolio creator that is accessible through Google Apps for Education accounts.)

Synopsis: Googlios is not necessarily an application, but a tutorial on how to create an e-Portfolio using Google Apps for Education. On the other hand, Digication is an app that is available for those with Google Apps for Education accounts. Googlio provides all of the resources/research necessary for undergoing e-Portfolios in the classroom with Google materials.

This is a video composed by Alex Ambrose, the creator of Googlio. Again, this is more of a resource to visit BEFORE creating e-Portfolios. Upon visiting it and finding the most appropriate Google tools, you can begin to use Digication (provided your school has enabled it for Google Apps for Education).

Per their Website, this is a Quick Start guide for building an e-Portfolio. In a Google Apps for Education domain, all users have access to their Digication account from their Google Docs homepage. Upon accessing it, they are directed to a Digication home screen with a listing of your ten previously created portfolios. Or, you can select to see all portfolios you have created, a directory of portfolios, or browse by course.

To create a portfolio, simply click create. You will be asked to give a title of your portfolio, select a Web address, choose a theme from a template or make one from scratch (and save it as a template for other users to use), select permissions and set tag rights. Click Create New e-Portfolio and the template is ready to go! As you edit, you will notice three tabs: Edit, Preview, Published. Those are the three stages of development. Do not publish until you are completely sure you are done. When selecting to make a template from scratch, it is beneficial to save it so the entire school can see it. This will allow others to use the template. A domain admin may do this to set up a teacher page template.

Integration: When I taught high school English and Creative Writing, an e-Portfolio was one of the required formative assessments for my students. And, as a graduate student at the University of Missouri, the e-Portfolio was required for completion of my Educational Specialist degree.With Digication, the templates are in place. Students are directed to add in content as prompted. Additionally, these can be private within your school. You can allow students to comment on others' portfolios as well. As a teacher, I like knowing that they are managed by my school. Therefore, content can be private. And, students are not the only ones who can create portfolios, teachers can too. Teachers can use these portfolios as their course pages. As many modules as are needed can be added to the portfolio. Modules are the activities/media on each page. You can also add additional pages to any template made from scratch. I wish I had found this app when I taught. It is a great model for e-Portfolios!

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