Thursday, March 29, 2012

Self graded quizzes all in one, App# 29--Google Scripts and Flubaroo

Flubaroo:  or

(With Google Forms, teachers have been able to create quizzes for several years. Then, teachers discovered how to create formulas to self grade those quizzes. Finally, scripts were created to apply those formulas to multiple forms. Flubaroo supplies those scripts. Below you will find tips and tricks for creating formulas, forms, and scripts)

Synopsis: First, you have to learn how to make a form.

When you create a form, you automatically create a corresponding spreadsheet. That spreadsheet tallies the results. Normally, that is all it does. However, if you set up a formula, you can have those results compared to the formula (the correct answer) and, therefore, automatically graded.

(From Dr. Mark Wagner):

Or, you can make it even easier on yourself and make a script into your spreadsheet. Once you do this, you can apply this same script to any spreadsheet without having to recreate formulas over-and-over. Here's how to create a script using Flubaroo:

Flubaroo how to:  (This site provides step-by-step instructions for adding a script to your Google Spreadsheet, which will automatically grade your quizzes.)

So, now you have two ways for developing self-graded quizzes in Google: scripts with Flubaroo or formulas.

Integration: Forms have been around for some time now (technologically speaking) and so have formulas and scripts. However, with Google Apps for Education, those items now have a bargaining force for use in the classroom. In a Google Apps for Education domain, all students and staff have Google accounts. Therefore, they have access to Forms, spreadsheets, presentations, docs, mail, calendars, and more--all under one account. So, instead of going to an outside Website to create a quiz, why not stick with Google since you are already using it for your other classroom items? That's where Google has us hooked. And, though scripts are not as easy as 1-2-3, they do not have to be repeated. And, I prefer Google's results to those of Quizstar. Google's quiz results open up in a spreadsheet that has automatic filters and can be exported as an Excel file into Access or a CSV file into Excel. This allows for a great analysis and record sheet.

If you like Flubaroo, you should check out some of the other scripts available with the Google Suite:
  • Contact Form (emails sent to you when someone completes the form)
  • Prevent multiple submissions on Forms
  • And more
  • Or you can always create you own java script if you are really tech savvy
Details on scripts can be found here:

Happy scripting!

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