Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Advancing astronomy in the classroom, Day #2--Taking Science by storm

Science is at the forefront of technological advances. In fact, it spurs the advances and the advances spur it to advance further. Therefore, it is logical that astronomy would follow suit.

However, before I dive into some helpful astronomy applications, check out this article on science and digital literacy. Just as students and staff must be digitally literate in Communication Arts, they must also be so in technology and science. And, this is the premise of taking science by storm--how to make students literate in the technologies and skill sets so that they may be the leaders of scientific and technological change tomorrow.

Below is a listing of some great astronomy apps and resources for the classroom--for both students and teachers.



This is merely the beginning of the resources available to students and teachers of astronomy. Continue to check out the taking science by storm series. 

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