Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anatomy, piece by piece, Day #3--Taking science by storm

Google's Zygote Body is just one of many anatomy applications available to teachers and students. These applications allow learners to not only advance their own knowledge, but become ushers of new technology. By utilizing resources, students and teachers become of the power to change anatomy--they are provided with a skill set to change science.

Since science and technology work together, there is a plethora of anatomy resources and apps available to teachers and students.



  • Anatomy Arcade: Tons of interactive games and videos for students--divided by bone and muscular structures
  • Zygote Body: Interactive body browser originally created by Google/Zygote
  • Source Book for teaching science: Contains a listing of anatomy and physiology resources for both students and teachers
  • Free Tech for Teachers: Top 7 Anatomy resources AND applications 
  • Geriatric Nursing Certification: Great site with 101 anatomy resources for teaching--all are divided into sub-categories
Stay tuned for biology resources and apps tomorrow! 

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