Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Publishing 101 on the Web, Day #9--Top 10 Writing Apps

We've progressed through the many stages of the writing process and now, it's time for publishing options. As with sharing, it is important to gain student and/or parent/legal guardian permission. It is also necessary to make sure the publishing sites are student friendly and do not exploit student work. While it is great to give students voices in the publishing arena, it is more important to make sure their voices are safe and not jeopardized.

So, I've outlined some tips and tricks of student publishing as well as some useful publishing tools and sites:

Tips and Tricks:

  • Check out this Scholastic Article on how to effectively publish and share student works. 
  • The National Writing Project has a section on the teaching of writing--publishing, which gives links to a variety of articles on how to publish student writing. 

Publishing sites and tools: 

  • The National Writing Project has a multitude of resources and lists of sites for student publishing.
  • The Web English Teacher has a solid list of four-five sites for student publishing. 
  • Read Write Think has "student interactives" that feature different stages of the writing process. Browse through them to find the one geared toward publishing. 
The National Writing Project is a great project to join, so check for your local chapter. Within the Writing Project, you can find a plethora of writing tools. 

Each of the sites listed above contains many different links, so be sure to look though each carefully. Stay tuned for a writing wrap-up. 

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