Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phantastic Physics, Day #6, Taking science by storm

Though elementary students will not be taking advanced physics classes nor will they be using some of these applications, these are all examples of what you can do in the classroom. In fact, most you can adapt to fit elementary students. Take a look at some favorite resources and applications.

The American Association of Physics Teachers has a ton of links to sites for Physics teachers of all grade levels. Some great links listed include NBC's science of the Winter Games--a site where students can do experiments related to the Olympic Games.

Illinois State University has a decent Physics pages with multiple resource listings (primarily for the secondary level).

The University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group page gives links to a lot of great physics experiments that can be adapted for various grade levels.

comPADRE is a Physics community whereby teachers and students can share digital resources and engage in conversations.

This site lists all different units within physics for secondary education (though, I think these can be adapted for elementary students). These are all very useful.

Stay tuned for agriculture resources (being in a small, agriculture-rich district, I have plenty to share!)

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