Thursday, June 28, 2012

Enviro Science quick and easy, Day #7--taking science by storm

Though environmental science is not a class required by most schools, elements of the class are taught in most curricula. And, technology elements and applications are actually spun from this science. Therefore, it makes sense to use technology to study the science in order to improve other technological advancements.

Here's a quick run-down of some of the best environmental science applications and resources:

  1. Lisisoft's App finder with 25 different apps for the iPad:
  2. Planet Save's 10 climate science apps for the iPad:
  3. Idea blog on the creation of enviro science apps and their ramifications (as well as some apps):
  4. How stuff works' top 5 "green" mobile apps:
  5. Environmental Science Masters' 19 essential applications for teachers/professionals:
  6. The Exploratorium's 10 "cool" sites on environmental science:
  7. Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Earth Guide with many activities, apps, and resources:
  8. Education index of environmental science resources:
  9. Internet for Classrooms' Earth Science guide:
  10. Science Buddies' enviro science project ideas:
These are just the beginning of the many geology, earth science, and environmental science resources and apps available to teachers and students. Stay tuned for the top Agriculture apps and resources! 

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