Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 14: My Blogging Challenge

Welcome to day 14 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what it's all about, you can read more in Day 1.

Challenge: What is feedback for learning and how well do you give it to students?

Well, nowadays, my students are teachers. But, in the end, it's the students who are the ones effected. In a sense, then, I'm giving feedback to teachers so they can help students improve their learning outcomes. Quite the chain, isn't it?!

As a former classroom teacher, I know how many demands are placed on teachers daily and the list continues to increase. So, with that said, it's really important to me to focus on one objective when I meet with teachers. For example, I will meet with them one-on-one during a planning period of their choosing. During that time, I'll ask them what objectives do their students struggle to master the most. With that one objective in mind, I'll conference with them over possible solutions. If a teacher mentions that their students struggle with showing vs. telling in their writing, I might mention to them ways to use telescopic text in their lessons. I look for ways to help teachers solve problems.

At the end of the day, I want to be an aid to teachers. I want to be their second hand. I want to provide them with valuable possible solutions to classroom problems.

How do you provide feedback? What seems to work the best for you?

Curious about feedback for learning? These two sites have great and thorough information. TeachThought and ASCD.

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