Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 15: My blogging challenge

Welcome to day 15 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what it's all about, you can read more about it in Day 1.

Today's challenge: Name three strengths you have as an educator.

This question sounds eerily familiar to my first teaching interview: "name your strengths & name your weaknesses."

Though, it's important for all of us - students, teachers, administrators - to know where our strengths are and where our weaknesses are so we can call for help. Help is one of the most underrated things I see. From teachers and students working as islands to those who know who to ask for help and who know how to share and collaborate. If I could +gazillion sharing and collaboration, I would. So, with that, I'd say my strengths as an educator are:

  1. Sharing and collaborating. I love bouncing ideas of of others and just running with ideas. That said. when I run with an idea, I enjoy having a partner in crime. 
  2. Not afraid to try. As a teacher, I loved trying new things with my students. If they flopped, they flopped. But, when they worked, it was a huge advancement. I'm working to get more of my co-workers and students to open up to failure. It's not a lonely place. And, actually, from failure, I have some of my most moving moments with students and teachers. 
  3. Patience. I will continue to help other teachers and students no matter how many struggles we endure. Patience is a hard thing to teach, but it is so important in teaching. Though, I find I'm am more patient in my work life as an educator than I am in my personal life. I'm learning to spread the patience love to my personal life. 

What are your strengths? Do you know what your weaknesses are and who to rely on in those areas?