Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 24: My Blogging Challenge

Welcome to day 24 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed the previous 23 days, you can read more about it in day 1.

Today's challenge: Which learning trend captures your attention the most, and why? (Mobile-learning, project-based learning, game-based learning, etc.)

I'm going to change up this question some as I tend not to support the word "trend." Yes, there are good elements to each of the trends listed. However, learning is not a trend. It will continue to stay as trends change. But, we can focus on the important elements of the trends:

  • Collaboration - across classes, across curriculum, across the oceans
  • Student empowerment - putting students in positions to take charge of their learning and direct their learning
  • Active learning - less sitting and more giving 
  • Real world ties - providing curriculum and content that is driven by students' real world needs. 
And, aren't these the things our mission and vision statements are always made of? So, as much as I love the idea of game-based learning and some of the other trends, I try to avoid the name and focus on the elements that are important. I've found seasoned educators are skeptical of new trends, stating "they have been around before." Therefore, it's crucial in my role to not "sell" a particular method of learning as a trend, but rather focus on the elements that are critical for our students - like the ones mentioned above.

What about you? Do any trends capture your interest or are you like me on this one?

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